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Mold temperature control

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Our aim is to offer the customer affordable solutions in the field of mould temperature control. Why not take advantage of our many years of experience in contour-following temperature controls?

Our know-how

Design of conventional temperature control
• Software / Hardware

Contour-following, segmented temperature control
• Engineering
• Contour-following, segmented temperature control
• Manufacture of the mould insert blanks
• Monitoring during the specification test

CONTURA® standardised parts

Thermal analysis using an infrared camera

Joining technology as a service

Mould temperature control – the financial aspects
Just as with many processes, the manufacturing of plastic components is also influenced by financial factors. This means that efficiently functioning injection moulding machines, and tools which are designed to operate with optimal temperature control, are an important requirement of a cost-effective manufac- turing process.

CONTURA MTC GmbH - Mould temperature control

The principal factor in terms of the cost-effectiveness of an injection moulding machine is how well and quickly the heat exchange takes place between the melt and the tool. However, in addition to the purely financial aspect of the shortest possible cycle time, consistent component quality also plays a very important role.

What is needed to achieve both – optimal quality coupled with a fast cycle – is even temperature distribution and control on the cavity wall and, consequently, optimal heat exchange.

CONTURA MTC GmbH - MinusWe reduce

• the cycle times by an average of 30%
• the parts costs by 15%
• the rejects to an absolute minimum

CONTURA MTC GmbH - PlusWe optimise

• the dimensional accuracy of the moulded part
• the surface quality
• mechanical characteristics

CONTURA MTC GmbH - GleichWe deliver

• Design, construction and manufacture of mould inserts with
contour-parallel temperature control
• Design and construction of conventional temperature
• Thermal-technical information using an infrared camera
• Thermic simulations

The technology
Short thermic conduction distances and an even distribution of the cooling channels in the mould are the aim of optimised mould temperature control. By using CONTURA®, heat management can be achieved in the mould which fully satisfies the requirements of plastics, i.e. processing which takes into account the characteristics of plastics. In contrast to conventional temperature control systems, the close-to-the-contours design of the cooling channels and the even distribution of the temperature at the mould surface make it possible to reduce the cooling time by up to 50%.

CONTURA MTC GmbH - System Contura English

It is not possible to avoid such so-called hot spots with conventional drilling technology. Using CONTURA means that even, contour-following temperature distribution can be achieved at the surface of the cavity.

Examples of applications
- Slides
CONTURA MTC GmbH - Schieber
Here are a few examples of applications: >>>

- Mould cores
CONTURA MTC GmbH - Werkzeugkerne
Here are a few examples of applications: >>>

- Nozzles/gate temperature control
CONTURA MTC GmbH - Düsen-Anschnittstemperierung
Here are a few examples of applications: >>>

- Small cores
CONTURA MTC GmbH - Kleine Kerne
Here are a few examples of applications: >>>

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