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Granula AG
Unlimited colors - we are specialists for coloring plastics

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About us
We are a medium sized Company founded in 1961 and are located at Meren- schwand, Switzerland. Our second production plant is located at Rudolstadt, Germany.

We are your partner for the development and production of tailor made color, additives and combination Masterbatches.

We do not offer a standardized product range, primarily focus on our core competencies and adjust our services exactly to your needs and requirements.

We convince our customers by fast, precise, sustainable and cost effective results

We adapt to your working procedures and also to those of your customers whenever necessary to provide you with our best support for your development projects.

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Our core competencies are:

    Masterbatches for the food packaging industries with focus on caps
    and closures, containers and specialty films.
    Our products entirely comply with EEC or/and FDA food contact regu-

    Masterbatches for medical appliances.  
    We are one of the few ISO 13485 certified Masterbatcher. We know the special requirements of this very important industryr. Our products comply with Regulations required on different markets, for example as applied in Europe, the USA and the Asian markets.

    Masterbatches for inside or outside car components. 
    We already serve major European car parts manufactures, working for the top Brands in the car industry, like DAIMLER, VOLKSWAGEN or OPEL.

Caps & Closures - at the very best quality/cost ratio
Caps & Closures are our specialty.

Our batches meet today's challenges like dosage reduction of Masterbatches and weight reduction of end products. Mechanical or physical properties are not affected.

Our color Masterbatches cope with all required EEC or/and FDA food contact regulations and also cope with highest expectations regarding organoleptic properties and VOC.'s.

NEW: We also offer solutions for integrated O2 and/or CO2 barriers

Granula AG - Caps & Closures – Minimaler Aufwand, optimale Leistung
Perfect, weight reduced caps at minimized dosage rates: our specialty.

Plastic parts for medical applications - Granula Medical Masterbatches & Compounds.
The formulation of Masterbatches for components and parts for the medical industries requires a convincing know how, especially regarding polymers.

The correct selection of the most appropriated polymer is decisive for the end product to reach the specified criteria such as minimal shrinkage and warpage even during sterilization processes. 

We offer a wide range of additives, e.g. UV protection, flow additives, scratch or disinfectant restistance enhancers. Also antimicrobial or laser laser marking marking additives and many more are available.

Interaction between Pigments, Polymers and Additives must be known and taken into consideration in order to achieve a perfect end product.

The production of all such parts should remain easy and as cost effective as possible. We offer agents cycle times reduction and other cost effective para- meters.

Our Medical Masterbatches & Compounds are manufactured according IS0 13485 and we guarantee a total traceability of all our batches up to the raw materials used and its suppliers.

Granula - Medizintechnik
Granula Medical Masterbatches & Compounds fit to the highest standards.

Colors for automotive parts –  Granula Automotive Masterbatches
The state of the art of modern combination Masterbatches for interior automotive plastic parts has reached such high level, that the use of Masterbatches in- creasingly becomes more economical than traditional lacquering.

Granula® automotive Masterbatches for ABS, PC/ABS and PC are already approved by many leading European Brands and their suppliers. We are currently widening our expertise to other polymers. Please ask us for our latest de- velopments.

We fulfill many specific technical requirements of the Brands, e.g. tests of finished parts after defined storage of cycles and procedures, considering very tight parameters like e.g. color tolerances, low fogging, and many more.

Savings of up to 50 percent of the part prize are possible.

Granula AG - Automobilfarben – Weniger lackieren, mehr einsparen
Cutting-edge technology and highest quality: Masterbatches can replace lacquering


Injection moulding - dedicated batches, strong performance
The range of injection molding applications is wide and almost unrestricted. Cra- tes, cases, automotive parts, bottles and many more: We provide Masterbatches for optimized cycle times and for end products of highest dimensional stability.

Our slection of the most appropriate pigments and dyes is crucial for providing you with Masterbatches allowing rapid color changes without the necesity to readjust production tools. It also gives your products highest dimensional stability with just residual shrinkage and warpage values.

Upon request, our Masterbatches comply to their full extent to EEC or/and FDA food contact regulations and meet the highest organoleptic standards.

Granula AG - Spritzguss – Individuelle Rezepturen, starke Leistungen
The right batch for every article: With Granula Masterbatches fast colour change are possible.

Extrusion of sheets – Thinnest sheets, best quality
An increasing number of film extrusion applications require highest surface quality and exact color matches. We develop for you customized batches,  meeting exactly your requirements and needs.

Our Masterbatches are optimized for low fish eye and black specs and easy processing at highest output rates.

Our excellent pigments dispersion guarantees a streak-free product with the most homogeneous color distribution achievable.

Granula AG - Folienextrusion – Dünnste Folien, höchste Qualität
As per your expectation: perfect coloration of process optimized products.

Injection blow moulding – Strong joints, easy production
The production of containers with barrier layer technology like canisters or bottles requires colour and combination Masterbatches precisely formulated for every application.

Our batches are made to provide your products with strong joints and excellent processing.

Our combination Masterbatches made out of pigments and additives respectively processing aids or antioxydants particularily fit for tempareture or abrasion sen- sitive polymer mixtures.

Granula AG - Extrusionsblasen – Starke Bindenähte, leichte Verarbeitung
Strong colours, strong joints: We elaborate or formulations to exactly fit to the requirements of your products. 

Rotomolding – complex shapes, perfect colours
Highly complex and asymmetrical parts like kanus or tanks require modern process engineering.

We manufacture coloured powders with excellent flow characteristics for an easy and homogenous filling of the most complex molds.

A selection of UV and AO stabilizedf base polymers such as LLDPE’s, HDPE or PP meets the the physical and mechanical requirements of an application.

Our formulation of pigments, additives and "little secrets" is tuned to complement the polymer properties in order to provide you with best mixture for your roto- molding application

Granula AG - Rotomolding – Perfekte Form, perfekte Farben
Easy processing inclusive: Granula Rotomolding mixtures are tuned for most complex shapes.

Foam – optimized masterbatches, easy processing
Foamed polymers - physically and chemically foamed - need special colour and additive compounds that are dedicated to your specific foaming process. Our Masterbatches do not interfere with the nucleation or cross-linking process and support the foaming process.

We offer a wide range of UV, AO or metal deactivators compounds as well as colour Masterbatches for the polymer foaming industry. Our products may also be used in combination with flame retardants. 

Granula AG - Schaumstoffe – Optimierte Masterbatches, problemlose Verarbeitung
Perfect foams, easy to process: our compounds and masterbatches are specially tuned to the foaming process.

Compounds – an interesting alternative
Compounds are special mixtures of one or more polymers including fillers and additives. We do not manufacture standard compounds, but we gladly offer you our broad know-how in this sector for your specific projects.

At certain complex applications Masterbatch can reach at its technical limitation. In such cases we develop and manufacture custom-made compounds fitting specific technical requirements of your products.

Granula AG - Compounds – Grosses Know-how, spezifische Lösungen
Customized solutions: Compounds make the most complex applications possible.

Additives – Protection systems / process optimization

Oxygen, light and heat degrade polymers during processing and its whole life time. The results are changes of color shapes up to discoloration and reduction of mechanical and physical properties.

Such degradation not only affects the value of an end product but can even make it unusable.

Appropriate additives make your products fit for most severe conditions of use. Keeping their shapes, their properties and their value for a determined lifespan.

Other additives protect the content of packagings like for instance food against Oxygen, UV etc..

Granula AG - Additiv-Masterbatches
Protection systems: our additive combination Masterbatches to meet nearly any challenge.

Visit us at the Swiss Plastics 2014. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall 1, booth D 1086).

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