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SONORUS 1G - The First Ultrasonic Micromoulding Machine

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Exhibition Review
“With great enthusiasm, the Ultrasonic Molding technology from ULTRASION, S.L. was showcased once again at Swissplastics 2014 edition, this time running an LCP application for the hearing aids healthcare market.

Hearing aids “battery holder” ultrasonically molded parts (courtesy of Microson / GAES)

The latest evolution of the Sonorus 1G ultrasonic molding machine from ULTRASION attracted more than 50 qualified visitors, from different industries mainly medical, electronics and of course precision mechanics around the strong local watch industry.

Joining efforts to bring the technology closer to Swiss and german speaking markets, ULTRASION is now partnering with DEXCON to offer the first Sonorus 1G Ultrasonic Molding Technical Center in Weier im Emmental region.

Left to right: Enric Sirera (ULTRASION) with Jurg de Pietro (KATZ Institut)

A full range of services are now offered in order to expand the technology. From part design, going through mold design and construction, validation tests and pre-production runs if needed, DEXCON will now be your partner in Switzerland to explore the limits of a technology that is providing great results when molding small/micro thin walled parts beyond the current limits of the traditional injection molding process with an optimized overall raw material consumption and unbeatable energy savings.

SONORUS 1G - The First Ultrasonic Micromoulding Machine
SONORUSTM 1G introduces a major breakthrough in plastic moulding: the first system exclusively powered by ultrasonic energy conceived for the production of mini and microparts and powered by USMTM technology.

Ultrasion - Sonorus

The use of ultrasound energy instead of conventional heaters gives more energetic efficiency to the process and enhances substantially the melt flow, leading a highly accurate replication of mould details at lower moulding pressures. Concerning the process control a change of mind is necessary. New terms as amplitude or ultrasound power play key roles in the process while few parameters allow the complete process control in a simpler way.

Ultrasion - Sonorus 1 G Bild 2a

Advantadges of using *USMTM
● Compact system, suitable for white rooms and labs.
● Full electrical machine.
● Clampling force: 30kN.
● Shot weight: between 0.05g and 2g.
● Great energy saving: 100 times lower than conventional machines.
● Quick color change: machine set up requires only few grams of material.
● Easy and fast mould replacement.
● Lower material degradation: the polymer is melted by ultrasounds instead of
   electrical heating.
● Great filling capacity with lower pressure intensity.
● Processing of conventional and micro pellets polymers (semi-crystal and
● Very accurate replication.
● Injection speed: ultrafast.
● Highly stable and reliable operational system.
● Clean process.

Ultrasion - Sonorus 1 G Bild 3

Video Sonorus1G Powered by USM Ultrasonic Micro Molding


ULTRASION SL is the first company dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialize industrial solutions based on high power ultrasounds.The new company is the result of years of applied research on the advantages of ultrasounds as a clean, high efficient source of energy for processing polymers.

Ultrasion - Firmengebäude

ULTRASION was born with the clear mission of transferring to market technologies and knowledge generated in the laboratory to improve manufacturing processes.

People are the power behind Ultrasion. They all contribute to the success and development of our Company, and in the same way, all of them grow with our project. Our success has a lot to do with our understanding of the R&D and the way we work together to provide efficient solutions-oriented market and customers

We believe that the best way of finding the answer to problems is through creativity, competitiveness and realization.

• Creativity: We provide innovative solutions
• Competitiveness: We offer efficient and cost effective solutions
• Realization: We make real our creative solutions

Company video


New Swiss representation - Sonorus technology center
Dexcon GmbH, headquartered in Weier im Emmental (Switzerland) expanded its range of services. In close collaboration with the Spanish company Ultrasion arises at Dexcon a Sonorus technology center.

The aims of the new center in Switzerland are customer consulting and training. Interested companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have the opportunity to convice of the superior precision and efficiency of the new technology from January 2014.

Visit us at the Swiss Plastics 2014. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth (hall 3, booth C 3036).

Ultrasion - LogoUltrasion S.L.
Av. Universitat Autònoma 23
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 935 944 700
Fax +34 935 801 102


Vertretung für die Schweiz:
Dexcon GmbH - LogoDEXCON GMBH
Käsereistrasse 3
CH-3462 Weier im Emmental

Tel. +41 34 431 49 29
Fax +41 34 431 49 30




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